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cover pool in winter

Aquaflex swimming pool covers prevent evaporation, save maintenance time and costs.

Winter in Cape Town is here so now is the right time to think about how you can winterize your pool for the colder months. A common question pool owners have about preparing their pools for winter is whether they should keep it covered.

You work hard to maintain the pool and keep it clean and it reflects your efforts. But then overnight, the wind picks up, stormy nights! The next morning, your pool is an unrecognizable pond full of leaves, twigs, and debris from last night’s winds. There goes your little piece of paradise!

Here are eight good reasons to answer whether you should leave your pool cover on or off in the coming winter months. Summing up some of the main benefits of having a pool cover:

  • Catches, stores and preserves the rain water!

    As rainy season finally has arrived, catch the rain water and use the pool as a water storage. Don’t waste a drop! Whether you have a Aquaflex Solar Bubble, or an Aquaflex Solid PVC reinforced cover, the rain water will be able to get into the pool. Did you know our Solid PVC reinforced Safety Covers have drainage points for rain water to get into the pool?

    You can also use Aquapipe drain extender to lead the rain water from the roof to the pool.

drain hole pool cover
Aquaflex bubble pool cover
  • Stops evaporation.

    Remember learning about evaporation in a school science class? It’s the process in which a liquid is changed into a vapour, and that’s what happens with your pool water every day it’s not covered. Especially wind increases evaporation. A covered pool conserves water by losing less due to evaporation. Aquaflex covers can reduce evaporation by up to 98%. If you live in a drought stricken area, having a cover is the obvious smart way to go.

  • Keeps leaves, twigs and wind borne debris out.

    Visualize a pool without a cover. Especially during the stormy rainy days, stuff out of your control blows or falls into your pool: autumn leaves, dog toys, dead insects, sand, shedding shrubs etc. Next, you’ll be out there with a net attached to a telescoping pole, spending your afternoon fishing for random objects. Or, you could use a pool cover and not be chasing down every leaf that land in your pool.

pool cover
Light Grey Aquaflex PVC pool cover
  • Cuts down on chemical use.

    Watery red eyes and sneezing are a dead giveaway: pool chemicals can cause reactions ranging from irritation to allergies and asthma. Because the pool remains clean from debris by using a pool cover, it reduces a pool’s chemical consumption by 35 to 60 percent.

  • Less Maintenance.

    Do you enjoy cleaning your pool? Even if you do get an inexplicable thrill from this chore, wouldn’t it be nice to clean less often, and for a shorter amount of time? Pool covers make maintaining a pool a whole lot easier, most of the time when you open up the pool, it will still be as clean as when you covered it.

  • Less costs, saves money.

    Less backwashing required means saving water and electricity. Using fewer chemicals saves costs. Less time needed for the creepy crawler to run, will also result in energy saving and cost reduction. If you outsource to a pool service, less frequent service will be required, which saves costs.

  • Helps the swimming pool retain heat.

    Well, we do have those beautiful sunny days in Cape Town Winter, and as the pool cover will help to retain the heat, with a bit of luck you may be able to use the pool all through the year for swimming! Especially if your pool is heated with Solar Panels.

  • Can help with safety.

    Our Aquaflex Solid PVC pool cover range will prevent anyone from accidently falling into the water, provided they are secured and maintained properly. The cover can hold a weight of 100 kg. Protect your kids and furry friends and have peace of mind!

pet safe pool cover


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Note: Most other type of pool covers, such as Solar Bubble covers, do not provide any safety against falling through and into the water, and normal safety precautions should be taken.

20% winter discount on Aquaflex Solid PVC Reinforced

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Valid for orders between May to 31 August 2018 for installations in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

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